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20 Jan 2017


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Briefly summarising ...


Well 2016 has been and gone. I’ll summarise it briefly. My website is perfect for basic information but please visit and like my facebook page. It is updated twice a day with garden news and photos.

I particularly enjoy communicating with like-minded gardeners – mostly Australian but I am privileged to have followers from all around the world.

The Summer was quite wet and our talented stone mason Jeff, completed the curved sandstone walls to the north of the garden. All in all 125 lineal metres. This gave me the opportunity to plant out two perennial, colour coordinated borders. One is in hot colours, the other uses greys pink and blue. Burgundy leaved plants are in both as a link.

Above the walls to the west we have planted Eleagnus hedging to frame and shelter parkland where 19 Pyrus calleryana “Chanticleer” form an avenue leading to a rose garden.

In May we travelled to Brittany, Normandy and Kent on a tour with Country Farm Perennials. Probably the highlight in France was visiting Monet’s iconic and very beautiful garden at Giverny. During a week in Kent I especially enjoyed Long Barn and it was a pleasure to revisit both Great Dixter and the inspiring Chelsea Flower Show.

Prior to travelling we made the very sad decision to have our dear old greyhound, Jake put to sleep. At nearly 13 he had become very frail and ill. We didn’t want him to suffer. In July along came a four year old black ex racing greyhound, William. We rescued him directly from racing kennels as he had failed his test to be homed through the adoption system, mainly due to being branded as having a “high prey drive”. We have devoted much time and patience to him and it’s really taken 6 months for him to calm down and understand that “Woodgreen” is his home. I might add he is quite the star on my facebook page with many interested in his progress. So, the garden has suffered some neglect and the weeds have had fun. 2017 will see it brought firmly under control.

I enjoy being a member of the Kurrajong Heights Garden Club committee and have visits from other Garden Clubs and speaking engagements lined up for the coming year. We also hope to bring our stonemason back to work on a planned woodland area in the heart of the garden. Lots to do.

Walk peacefully, smell the roses and be touched by the hand of Nature
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