Collectibles from Peta Trahar's richly planted garden at Woodgreen


Open by appointment

We welcome interested horticultural groups of more than 10 individuals by APPOINTMENT.

The nursery and garden are open 1 October to 15 May

Entry is $11 per person.

On property Coach parking is available

Welcome to the Nursery

I’ve been growing and selling my plants on and off for many years but have now decided to focus my time on building up a collection from the GARDEN here at Woodgreen, Bilpin, NSW. Bilpin, in the Blue Mountains , is approximately 650 metres above sea level and 100 km inland from the Sydney CBD.

We experience four distinct seasons with temperatures up to high 30's Celsius in Summer and to below freezing, occasionally, in Winter. True alpines and tropicals are not grown. Otherwise we have a wide range of plants.

Parts of the garden are in full sun, other areas are quite shady. There are also sections under deciduous trees in dappled sun. I have lots of choices as to where to plant.

I have always sought out small specialist nurseries. Early on, dare I say in the late 1970's and 80's, Somerset Cottage at Dural owned by Rosemary and John Hemphill was a favourite. So too, Ken Gillanders' 'Woodbank' in Tasmania. Imagine how honoured I was when Rosemary Hemphill asked me to design and construct her new garden at Bowen Mountain after she and John moved from Dural. My interest in unusual plants led, along with Beth Stokes and my husband Peter, to the highly regarded Collectors’ Plant Fair. Ken Gillanders was a popular speaker at the Fair. So too was Dan Hinkley, renowned horticulturist and plant hunter from the USA, who owned the wonderful nursery, Heronswood. His current garden, 'Windcliff', near Seattle is an inspiration to me.

The Plants

My plants include trees, shrubs, many perennials, grasses and bulbs. I’ve always been interested in rare, unusual and old-fashioned species, particularly if they have attractive foliage. Variegated plants are my weakness. I select and grow plants that give year-round interest in the garden.

The plants offered for sale are sourced from my garden. Visitors can see the plant growing and discuss its cultural requirements with me.

If you are seeking a particular plant please contact me.

Pot Sizes and Costs

Most of the plants are offered in 150 -200 mm pots. Many are cutting or seed grown so need potting on regularly. I do not grow huge numbers of any one species – I’d rather have a big variety.

Pesticides and herbicides are not used, in fact it is common to find a frog sitting in a plant pot.

If a plant is very rare or slow to produce it will be priced accordingly. Generally a perennial in a pot will cost $5 to $15. I currently do not offer mail order – a visit to Bilpin is an enjoyable trip with the Botanic Gardens at Mt Tomah close by.


Contact Details

Bilpin  NSW 2758
Phone No: 02 4567 2026
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